Top 10 Best Gift Ideas For Kids on Special Occasions

Best Gifts Ideas for your child on the occasion of his Birth Day or Diwali?

Diwali is one of the most important annual holidays and so there is added pressure to pick out the best gifts for your loved ones.

Kids especially are extremely picky about what gifts they want for Diwali and so you need to exercise discretion and understand what sort of items is trending this season.

Gift Ideas

Children get overjoyed on receiving gifts during Diwali. Finding the right Diwali gift can be a bit of a challenge. But it is indeed not difficult to decide what can be fun for the kids. While it is true that kids these days have become fussy and they have quite strong opinion regarding every little thing, but the quintessential element of fun and joy in receiving gifts is set to be there forever.

Gift Ideas

The custom of sending and receiving gifts during Diwali is not new and the age long tradition has an incredible amount of happiness involved in it is amazing. Kids wait for the entire year just for this occasion when they will be presented with some of their most desired Diwali gifts. So, use your imagination and understanding of the kids’ psychology as you decide on the gift that can spread happiness in their life.

This article provides solution for some of such Best Gift Ideas for kids :

Gift Ideas

Colouring Sets for Making Cards

Diwali is a season when people send out cards to relatives and friends as gifts. There are lots of families that maintain or opt for this practice of making these cards and not buying them from the market. In fact, this is a wonderful opportunity to help the kid realise the essence of joy when the card is self-made and designed. So, gift a card colouring set to the kid for making “Diwali Greeting Cards”. He will be happy to have different colouring materials to make cards of his choice

Seasons’ Magazines

These are in vogue for many years, though particular to certain regions. In India Diwali is celebrated with national gusto, and even in other nations also it is celebrated the festive season of Diwali and New Year combined, do have certain groups or organisations taking initiatives in bringing out magazines. Select some such magazines that are available; you will find that these contain stuff that are of special interest to the kids. They have a creative writing section, knowledge section, cartoon strips and info on sports and games, all things that are of interest to the kids. The excitement is doubled when these magazines have kids as fellow participants.


Dungarees have now become a favourite for boy and girl kids alike. They are very fond of these robustly made dungarees with fun prints. They are an excellent camouflage to hide some “home-dresses” or when you are not in a mood to change the kid into something elaborate and yet, want to make him look great for a an outing or party. Kids too find them very comfortable and very cool.

Gift Ideas

Toy Cycle or Scooter Accessories

Kids mostly are very finicky and choosy about the look of their cycles and scooters. They know that they cannot own the ones driven by adults, but they always want to customise their own in a unique manner. You can gift them some accessories that can be used or planted on their rides. It can be anything like a Hobbyhead or a zooter.

Farmhouse and Market Set

A farmhouse shop can be a very charming gift idea for a kid. They can ‘harvest’ their vegetables and fruits over there and ‘sell’ them in the ‘market’. The whole exercise can be educative as they become aware of how vegetables and fruits are grown and then transferred in the market, from where they are brought.

Basically, whatever is your gift idea, the only point to keep in mind is that you have to gift according to the natural inclination of the kid. Do not gift something like a zooter to a kid who loves to paint pictures and loves colours and does not own a bicycle! It is rather easy to please kids as they get amused by simple things and you only need to present them in an interesting manner.


A series of discovery boxes for children aged two to 12, aimed at Early Child Development, every box comes with activities that’ll enable the child to create, play, explore and read about a particular theme. Typically, parents subscribe to these in three, six, or 12-month duration and the boxes are delivered at home. This segment focuses on engaging children meaningfully at home, away from gadgets and TV.

Those of you who are worried that your child is being exposed to gadgets at a very early stage of their childhood, activity boxes are a good go-to Diwali present for little ones.

Gift Ideas


LEGO toys are on the Diwali wish-list of many children. Sets are available in numerous themes and it’s hard to pick a favourite. Kids can get busy building cars, buildings, houses and more, brick by brick.


Your little ones deserve just that extra attention. Check out online stores such as Flipcart, where you can pick from curated collections of apparel, shoes and other goodies for kids.


Shumee’s wooden balance-bike is another quirky gifting option for children. These eco-friendly bikes is a good choice for your child’s first bike. Its real inflatable rubber tires, a sturdy wooden frame with rounded finish is meant to prevent injuries and is easy for toddlers to balance and reach the ground with their feet. This bike comes assembled and hence reduces the workload for the parents.


For a more traditional drawing and painting experience for your artistic child, there is nothing more ideal than the gorgeous small person-sized art easel. Those tiny fingers can experiment with paint, chalk, pens, crayons, markers and more, all at one convenient station. It is designed to let your child use various art media; on one side is a chalkboard, on the other is a dry erase board. The easy-to-clean design makes it very parent-friendly. Help your child enhance their creative skills with this simple yet interesting present.

Choosing to get personalised gifts for kids for special occasions brings a load of questions around which might be the best. But looking beyond the traditional options and the obvious ones can reveal a multitude of choices that can suit each kid and make his day worthwhile.

Gift Ideas

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